About Us

Tandem Apparel Co.

Hi I’m Jess! I am a Canadian wife & mama of two, and the face behind the brand.  Tandem Apparel Co. was founded by chance in 2019 (formerly My Little Loves Design Co.), as I was approaching my daughter’s first birthday, and the end of my first maternity leave.  I began creating décor pieces for her first birthday party, and next thing I knew, I had uncovered an intense passion for design and creativity.  The business started in that realm of creation, making birthday banners, cake toppers, and other custom cardstock decorations, and over the past couple of years it has transformed in a way I never knew it would, or could…

 These days, the main driving forces behind each of our pieces is to offer trendy comfort | functionality | minimalism | & customization. We understand and appreciate that one person’s favourite colour, style, or fit, may not be someone else’s, and so you will always find a diverse range of options when shopping with us. In many cases, we will also offer the opportunity to customize your order entirely.

 We keep fashion trends in mind in creating each of our pieces, and we work in TAMDEM with our customers to bring their visions to life - whether it be for the perfect gift for a friend, the perfect sweatshirt for themselves, or a custom onesie to bring their brand new baby home from the hospital in.

 Thank you for being here, and for helping bring OUR VISION & DREAM to life.  We hope to keep seeing you around.